My husband and I welcomed Fiona as our doula for all three of our babies, and we highly recommend her to anyone expecting! Each of the pregnancies was unique with it’s own challenges - one premature, one past due date, one breech position - and Fiona was a trustworthy and reliable source of information and support throughout. I consider myself fortunate to have had three amazing delivery experiences, and I give much credit to our doula, Fiona, who helped to clarify medical interventions and give strength to our voices so that we remained in control. Having a doula can help you to bring your baby into the world on your own terms!
— Amanda & Sean Robbie, 2018
My husband and I had our baby boy in January 2017. We completed our Birth Matters course with Fiona in September 2016. During the weekend Fiona turned my movie verision of labor into reality with confidence and more understanding of the process, the class put my nerves at ease. By learning so much I trusted Fiona and asked her to be my doula for my birth. Fiona was so kind and understanding throughout my entire pregnancy. She was always open for questions and was very available. From the moment my water broke until the birth of my baby Fiona helped me feel confident in the decisions I made and helped me understand everything during the intense time at the hospital. I am so happy I chose birth matters and her as my doula, I can say that she truly made my pregnancy and birth a positive experience. Thanks again Fiona for everything you do!!! I still look back at Jet’s birth with no regrets knowing you and Kevin were by myself each step of the way!
— Emmy & Kevin DeSilva, 2017
I hadn’t heard of a doula until I moved to Bermuda. I didn’t have a good birth experience first time around so had looked in to hypnobirthing. I kept hearing about Fiona and having met her at Bible study we decided to hire her. I soon realised I wanted to try for a natural drug-free labour and thanks to Fiona that was made possible. She supported us through the whole process including helping with writing the birth plan and teaching me to advocate for myself and what I wanted. The two births were so completely different, my husband found comfort knowing that I was properly looked after and we could welcome our baby empowered and fearless thanks to Fiona. I hope more women get to experience birth as it should be thanks to Fiona.
— Tim and Leanne Mount, 2016
Pregnancy is an exceptional journey full of welcomed, but much more unwelcomed advice. Through my process I have made the decision to only give one piece of advice: hire Fiona.

From the moment Fiona became involved in my pregnancy (6 weeks) she took it on as if we had been life long friends. The care and comfort I received leading up to my labour, my very long labour at home and my time at KEMH; Fiona supported both my husband and I in ways we didn’t realize we would need.

Being my first pregnancy, I had no idea what to expect once labour truly began and I felt so intuitively cared for with her by my side. She was described to me as “worth her weight in gold”, both my husband and I second that statement. She is one of a kind, and we could not have done it without her.
— Natalie, Jonathan & Leo Flood, 2018
Our twin birth would have been so different without you...

Once we found out we were having twins people asked if we were going to have a Doula. After asking around it was more than obvious that Fiona is the best Doula in Bermuda! Without any hesitation, we quickly signed up and attended the Birthing Matters classes and also the highly recommended breastfeeding class. Before attending the class we thought we knew a little something about birth, however, it was very clear that there was SO much we didn’t know and wow, thank goodness we were taking and learning just how it all happens! We went over almost every scenario which in the end helped us be emotionally ready and so informed. With Fiona’s teachings and guidance we were able to know what to expect and we were able to achieve aspects of the birth which we otherwise would not have had or would have handled so much differently if we hadn’t been informed through her teachings. From being assertive with taking as much time as we wanted with our twins as soon as they were born, to making sure daddy had skin to skin time are just a couple of priceless examples of things we learned from the class. Fiona gave me invaluable breastfeeding advice and the encouragement I needed in order to be so successful with feeding our twin boys. Our entire experience of welcoming our new little ones into the world would have been so different without Fiona and if we were to do it all over again, we wouldn’t change a thing. Thanks Fiona from the bottom of our hearts for everything you did and for the knowledge you taught us - totally priceless.
— Lisa & Gary Le Blanc, 2017
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